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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Little Acre's Masterclass - an introduction

    • What we'll cover in this course

  • 02

    The Wonderful World of Fungi

    • What is a Mushroom, What is Mycelium?

  • 03

    How can we Grow Mushrooms?

    • An Overview of Mushroom Growing

  • 04

    What to Feed Mushrooms?

    • Substrates, Nutrients and Additives

  • 05

    What to Grow In?

    • Bags vs Buckets

  • 06

    Common Species we can Grow

    • Introduction and Oyster Mushrooms

    • King Oyster Mushrooms

    • Gold Oyster Mushrooms

    • Pink Oyster Mushrooms

    • Reishi Mushrooms

    • Black Pearl Kings

    • Lions Mane Mushrooms

    • Chestnut Mushrooms

  • 07

    Keeping it Clean - Preparing substrates and workspaces

    • Contamination and Cleaning

    • Difference between Pasteurisation and Sterilisation

  • 08

    Step by Step - Growing Tutorials

    • The Esky Method

    • DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm - Sugarcane method

    • DIY Organic Mushroom Mini Farm - NEW METHOD post 15/07/2022

    • How to build a Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

    • Hack Your Bucket

  • 09

    Products and Wrap Up

    • Gadgets to get you growing

    • Recommended Books and Wrap Up